As an ASEA certified equine appraiser, a written report will be prepared as a result of the very comprehensive background  done on the subject equine (s).  The report will  include such relevant items as:.

-copies of the horse's registration papers

-3 or 4 generation pedigree

-health records (from all attending veterinarians that may affect current valuation of the horse)

-earnings reports, if applicable

-show records, if applicable

-if a stallion, a list of all  offspring sired by subject horse and the last two (2) years stud reports

-if a mare used in breeding, complete records of all foals showing the sire of each foal, the sire's stud fee, show record of foals, sex of foals and all dates  sold with purchase prices of  each foal sold

-names and locations of past trainers involved with subject equine

A thorough physical inspection of the subject equine will be conducted by the appraiser including taking color photographs showing color, conformation and any distinguishing marks and characteristics.

As with other types of property, comparable horses are utilized in determining the value of the subject horse.

​Once all data is gathered, a comprehensive analysis is conducted.  A written report is compiled, bound and submitted to you and other interested parties named by you.

​Please contact me through the Contact Submission Form or by calling me at 518-269-0480 for a complete listing of all relevant fees.

The ​Equine Appraisal Process

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Horse Appraisals by Lynn

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